Hi,I have received my order this morning, many thanks.I knew your products were good, but my god when you have them in your hands they are amazing!I will be back for another SMB and more very soon the engineering on the reel is so good it seems a shame to get it wet!

Paul Bellard

Just want to say a massive than you for supporting the Scuba Santas Prize Draw this year. The event went really well with over 70 Santas taking the plunge and raised over £1,000 to be divided between ourselves and the RNLI. Thank you so much for your support and we wish you a very Happy Christmas and Brilliant New Year. The raffle in full swing, complete with Storm Troopers!  

Kathryn Slater

I have just received four sets of Bailout (pony) brackets following an earlier order for two single tank adapters.I would just like to say how impressed I am with both the quality and the price of your components.The quality is equal, if not better than, products costing twice as much, the design of the Bailout brackets should prove more effective than most other ones I have used.John took the time to discuss options and designs with me on the phone and as such I ended up with the product that best suited the task.

Mark James

I am using and loving my Kent Tooling ratchet reel for 2 years now. Teaching and guiding trimix dives on Malta, it came in handy in many situations, never failed me. Was looking for a good reel for a while, I don't think I can go back to anything else after Kent Tooling...Also I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service and after sales services, I'll continue to recommend all your products for my divers.Super sturdy, never get stuck, just great quality in every detail.

Dora Farkas

Just to say thanks very much for the backplate, it arrived bright and early this morning. It looks a fantastic bit of kit, the nuts are just what I was after, and save me finding some longer twin set bolts. Thanks again.

Chris Stenner

Just wanted to thank you for my Kent Tooling Ratchet Reel that I purchased from you. I have been using this reel for the past 12 months and cannot fault one thing about it. For years I had wanted one but also bought cheaper ones. I finally got to borrow one from a friend and I placed my order that evening and have never looked back. I cannot recommend this unit enough, it is one of the few totally trustworthy items that is taken on every dive be it a 6M bimble or an 80M 3.5 hour trimix dive. Thanks again.

John Campbell

I have received the 75m ratchet reel I ordered from you yesterday. Thank you for an excellent service and an outstanding product. I also appreciated the advice and time you gave me on the phone when I placed my order. You will certainly be receiving more of my custom in future.

Mark Hall

I don't know if you remember but I lost one of my reels on the Lulworth banks back in February this year.We were out on Skin Deeper last week and one of the divers that made up the numbers for the trip had actually found my reel a couple of weeks before! I was "over the moon" when he insisted that I have it back, and he wouldn't even take a drink off me. (I must admit I would have handled the situation exactly the same but we know not all divers are so considerate, normally adhering to the "finders keeper" mind-set) Considering that reel had been in salt water for nearly four months, there was virtually no sign of any corrosion. The only rust stain was around the clip that you use to secure the piston clip. A soak in fresh water, strip down and a light rub around this area with T-Cut and you’d think that the reel had never been in the water. Testiment to your fantastic quality products. Of course the guys on board that day were eager to purchase one of my reels at a knock down price, stating "you don’t need two KT reels" etc. but having nearly lost one in the past I"ll hang on to both of them! Thanks again John for your help and superb products.

Mark Harris

I'm writing to let you know how I'm doing with the stainless steel ratchet reel I bought from you back in March 2009. I live in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and fortunately get to dive every weekend in nice warm waters.Your reel has been underwater in the Gulf over 250 times during this period in temperatures up to 34° Centigrade. It’s been bashed around inside wrecks and used for teaching students as well as lining off and deploying DSMBs – a truly multipurpose reel.During its life it has survived the extremely saline waters in the area with no rust whilst other "316 stainless steel" products from other manufacturers have tarnished and corroded in the harsh climate. With temperatures in the shade reaching 50° C in the summer any steel coming into contact with sea water usually has a very short life.The only part nearing the end of its life is probably the neon pink string – luckily I bought a spare roll from you back in 2009.Keep up the great work with the everlasting products.

Chris Head

Just filing my receipts away and noticed a note that said you like to be advised when goods received. I received the reel I bought from you last month. Sorry I missed that in the excitement to get at the reel! Just wanted to say I think the reel is brilliant. Couldn’t be happier with it!

Nick Argue

I would like to thank you very much for your wonderfully fast service. I received the sentinel support stand, lift bar and extra long back plate today. Thank you!

Paul Cope

Many thanks for the reel, which arrived safely today.I have been playing with it for the last hour! A beautiful piece of kit.;As I said on the phone, I will be ordering another reel from you in a month or so.Thanks again!

Annie Hanley

Thank you Kent Tooling! Mid Herts Divers in Welwyn Garden City, have raised £2,000 over the last 2 years for their chosen charity the Willow Foundation using prizes donated by Kent Tooling. In his latest act of generosity John Perrin from Kent Tooling offered a £150 voucher to anyone sponsoring club member Paul Rosendale to row the distance of the English Channel. Paul Rosendale who raised £825, said: "Kent Tooling simply makes some of the best diving products around. Their reels and ratchet reels are literally bombproof.I was amazed when John from Kent Tooling kindly donated a £150 on-line shopping voucher to help me raise funds for the Willow Foundation." Any club member or partner who donated a multiple of £10 was given one free entry into a prize draw to win this fantastic prize. Anyone donating £20 was given two free entries and so on. The prize was won by Dawn Blackman, who sponsored Paul more than £40. Dawn spent the voucher on a Cave Diving Reel and Crack Bottle DSMB. This is not the first time John has supported the club to raise money for the Willow Foundation who are based in Hatfield. In 2010 he donated prizes to a raffle and auction that raised £1,175. John said: "I am delighted to be able to support Mid Herts Divers to raise money for such a worthwhile cause. This is the second time I have done this and I hope to continue my support in the future."

Mid Herts Divers

To Whom it May concern, Confirming that ratchet reel I ordered on the 6th Mar, has arrived by post 8th Mar, reel No.568. Thankyou for the quick and speedy delivery, awesome piece of kit worth every £ (something I will cherish with pride - it 's a work of art). I know that when I turn up at dive sites this is going to turn heads. Many Thanks.

Patrick Gallacher

Hi John, I have just received the reel...and it looks just beautiful. The photos on your website really don't do justice to the high quality of your products... Thanks.


John, I dived the new setup on Tuesday - the box dived like a dream: neutrally horizontal with no pulling down from the base to my lower back. I had a snag after doing some drills and had to shut off the O2 cyl, purge the mav and screw up the first stage. With the frame this was so easy to accomplish, not something I could have done with the yellow box. The scrubber container didn't move when inverted and I felt less drag than with the standard yellow box. Once again thanks for all your help and a fantastic bit of kit.

David Bird

Guys - I just wanted to say thankyou for engineering such a bloody good reel. I have a habit of breaking them and the ones I picked up at the show look perfect for my needs with the brilliant locking feature between ratchet and free flowing, and movable line guide I hadn't found on any other reel! Also many thanks to the girl in the wheelchair that was more than helpful in serving us and helping us out.Hope it was a good show for you!


Hello, I received my products today, thanks for the fast delivery!!!! I will tell my dive club about your good products and service

Boen Manuel

I just wanted to drop you a few words about a recent encounter I had with some of your products while attending a course with Jack Ingle (TDI Instructor) at NDAC in Chepstow.I have been diving since 1986 and over the years I have seen many products come and gone but very few have left me with the impression that Kent Tooling has left with me thanks to Jack Ingle which is not commonly seen these days I sad to say.Sadly like most divers I have a day job which is as a General Manager and Mechanical Engineer which I have been doing since 1984 but as an engineer I appreciate good design and a good quality and thought out product.As in my day job as well as diving I need to be able to rely on a product that has a well thought out and reliable design that is going to be practical and functional and simple to use.After purchasing a number of products from Kent Tooling I can honestly say that the products I have received have been second to none in design and have been exemplary in quality, design and reliability, which is a brilliant example of good old British Engineering at its best.Well done Kent Tooling and please keep up the good work.

William Ball

Heel goede telefonische ervaring met de verkoper gehad, heb onmiddellijk uitleg en tips gekregen over de aangekochte producten. Had very good telephonic experience with the seller, I received immediately an explanation and tips about the purchased goods.


I have many of your products but, out of these and every other piece of diving equipment I own, my Kent Tooling reel is probably my favourite. A marvel of design and engineering it will be by my side for the rest of my time diving - with any luck, at least another four decades! I love nothing more than supporting small British businesses such as your own. Long may Kent Tooling continue. I will always be a customer.

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