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About Kent Tooling & Components Ltd

Kent Tooling & Components Ltd is a family run company that specialises in the manufacture of high quality diving products at competitive prices. We use Marine Grade 316 stainless steel throughout our product range because it offers an unrivalled combination of quality and price. This enables our products to satisfy the demands of both professional and recreational divers.

We produce an extensive range of reels as well as a range of quick-release cylinder and torch brackets especially suitable for fixing onto singles, twin-sets and rebreathers. Our innovative flat-packing rebreather units make transporting your AP Valves or Megalodon rebreather by air simple. In addition our product range includes stainless steel backplates, delayed SMBs, lifting bags, goody bags and other accessories. Additionally our in-house flexible manufacturing processes enable us to produce specials to our customers' own requirements.

In 2003 we were pleased to sponsor the Dutch team of divers on their expedition to search for the missing WWII submarine, the Hr.Ms. K16, in Malaysia. This followed our successful association with the Bullring expedition earlier that year.


The K16 team.

John Perrin (second from left) of Kent Tooling Ltd
with the Bullring expedition team.